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Dear Diary

Eight years ago my daughter adopted Genis, a maltese poodle, to join our family consisting of four humans, a humungous bulldog named Bazil, a medium sized alsatian named Tina,  one very fat moggy cat named Oliver and one very thin cat of uncertain origin which we literally rescued from the gutter, named Ponsie.

My daughter also feeds numerous wild birds, doves and pigeons sharing our garden. A few of them have been hand reared, so we do not really find it strange when they insist on building their nests inside our home, although this results in a strenuous daily cleaning routine. We currently have two pigeons breeding on top of the curtain rail in her bedroom. Oh yes, have I mentioned the odd vesper bat rescued from certain Death by Cat and now forms part of a colony living in the rafters of our garage roof?

The years passed, the two bigger dogs and the old cat passed away at respectable, advanced ages and we are now left with Genis and Ponsie. Ponsie is still as thin as a rake and very healthy, but unfortunately Genis has grown bigger and bigger as you can see from his “Before” and “After” Photos below:

Dear Diary1   Dear Diary

When Genis grew listless, had trouble sleeping and became incontinent, we became worried about his health and took him to the veterinarian for a health check. We were told that Genis may already be suffering the first stages of diabetes and liver / kidney failure, due to his severe obesity. He was put on a very strict diet and then the not-so-fun part started.

Genis was definitely not impressed, but he was not the biggest problem – that honour fell to the Dad of the family (Favourite Human) who was appalled at the idea of ‘starving’ the dog. We lived through some gruesome family fights before we reached the agreement that, should there be no clear indication within twelve weeks that Genis’s health has improved, the diet could be discarded.

Then I hit on the idea of keeping a written record of Genis’s progress, in the form of a diary recorded by the Dog Himself and supported by photos, videos and medical graphs depicting his progress.

Was it all worth the effort? Yes! A thousand times YES! Not only did we put together this blog, but This Dog now also has his own social media pages on Facebook GenisonDiet and Twitter @GenisOnDiet.

We invite you to share in his story, his triumphs and failures and to enjoy this very lovable little dog with us.