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Diary entry by Genis on July 31, 2014

In truth, tensions were running so high at this time that the family needed some time out to re-establish the pre-Genis-on-diet relationship. When we returned home and found the little guy healthy and happy, not ‘starving’ after all, we were able to really start pulling together as a team in our efforts to improve Genis’s quality of life.

Holiday TalesMy faith in Humankind has taken a bit of a knock, in fact, I’ll go as far as to say that it was shaken, scrambled and served up on toast!

Remember, I told you last time that the Evil One was all smiles at my last weigh-in? Well, it turns out that the Smiley Face had more to do with the fact that Family Holiday Time was looming and this year we were going to the South Coast. That was A-Okay with me! What could be better than a holiday at the seaside?

I know all about holidays: sleep-overs in guesthouses, long lazy days at the beach and food. Oh yes, lots and lots of leftovers brought home in doggy bags, juicy bones and a chop every now and then at a family braai, sweets and treats to while away those long hours in the car … been there, done that.

Something was a bit different about this holiday, though – Our Mouse, Our Birds and Our Cat were also going with us and this has never happened before. I was so excited! I was a bit peeved though, when I noticed that my diet food bag was put in the car.

Along the way we stopped, first to drop Our Birds at the neighbours’ and then to drop Our Mouse at a friend’s place. Righty! That made sense. Who takes a mouse and birds on holiday to the beach? So I was not too surprised when we stopped at a place named Paws & Whiskers Boarding Kennels. This must be where Our Cat would be boarding. Cats don’t go on beach holidays, do they now?

We all met up with the hostess, Martie, and walked Our Cat to her room where she immediately dived in under her blankets. Lazy creatures, cats. No wonder they always get left behind when the family goes on holiday. They just don’t know how to have fun.

Next we walked into a big area where lots of dogs were happily playing and yapping. Then, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???, my Humans said goodbye to me and left. Nooooo, this was not in the plan? I tried to tell Martie that someone was making a big mistake, but she just introduced me to the other dogs, not noticing anything out of order.

After playtime we each went to our own rooms and I was very impressed with the facilities in this pet hotel. I was even allowed to go and visit Our Cat in her room, but true to a cat’s nature, she just ignored me. Then it was dinner time and out came the diet food. Well, this is where I would put my paw down! I promptly went on a hunger strike.

The next morning Martie tried to feed me again, but my lips were zipped, so I was taken to the playpen where the other dogs were jumping and running about. This was not the beach, but I love playing and I soon joined in the fun. I still refused to eat, though, and then Martie fed me a bit of chicken with my diet food. This was not really what I expected, but all the exercise made me very hungry and This Dog does not like being hungry.

This pattern was repeated every single day and I soon enjoyed the company of my playmates so much that I clean forgot to miss my Traitorous Humans. Even the half ration diet was not so bad, however, I had my suspicions that all the exercise was part of Martie’s plan to keep me from picking up weight – she was in cahoots with the Evil One.

A few days later my Humans returned and took us home. I was very pleased to see them, but I miss my friends and all the fun we had at Paws & Whiskers Boarding Kennels.

Yes, the Evil One and I are still on the war path about my diet, but when I went for my fortnightly weigh-in at the Klipriver Animal Clinic today, she was all smiles again. I have now lost 1.7kg in total (just look at the pic of my official graph if you don’t believe me) and the Evil One says I am turning into a “lean, mean, muscle machine”. Wow!

2nd graph

Sr. Liza-Ann also gave me prezzies with compliments from Hills’s Pet Slimmer, a sparkling new feeding bowl and … wait for it … a whole bag of diet food.

Oh, man, this is a Dog’s Life!