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Genis’s diary entry for August 28, 2014:

VegetarianI won yet another battle in the War of the Diet by shaming my Humans into accepting me back at the table at family meal times. Go Genis!

Whenever the weather permits, we now “do luncheon” at the little table on the patio. I have my own little glass bowl in which my lunch is served, hot and delicious, straight from the microwave oven.

The only surprise is that, overnight, the whole family seems to have gone vegetarian. After much research on the internet and serious discussion about the subject, my Humans decided on certain snacks that are beneficial to both dogs and humans. This is how we ended up having carrots and green beans boiled up in water, or diced apples, cucumber and celery for lunch every day. I’ve developed a particular preference for the carrots and beans. Yummy! All this is additional to my 49g Metabolic Prescription Diet Food which I get for breakfast and again for supper.

Padda 28.08.2014-2-2Of course, everything that I eat is weighed or measured very carefully, which is why we were all delighted to receive a new prezzie with compliments from the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Team: a food scale measuring in 5g and ¼oz increments. How neat is that? I actually thought that this was a new food bowl and started feeding from the scale bowl, but my Humans didn’t mind one bit, because this was the first time since the start of my diet programme that I did not insist on being hand fed.

This morning I weighed in at 14.45kg at the Klipriver Animal Clinic and everyone was impressed with my progress. In total I’ve shed 2.75k of unwanted body fat. Sr. Liza took my measurements and she says I’m developing a waist, although this is hard to see because of my long fur. Summer is approaching, and soon I will be going to the doggy parlour to have my hair shaved, then you will be able to see the new me emerging.

4th graph - vegetarian

In the meantime, I’m building up more energy every day and, much to the Evil One’s chagrin, I am now able to jump up on the beds and the couches in the lounge. To her credit, I think she is not so much worried about the condition of her furniture as about the fact that I may injure one of my legs, said legs being a bit thin and maybe not quite ready to support the top-heavy body, as I am sarcastically informed.

UPDATE: Since the above entry in our diary, we’ve covered a lot of ground, introducing Genis to healthy dietary habits. He is now eating a variety of approved veggies, including pumpkin, which every dog health manual advocates as excellent supplementary dog food.

He has also learned to get around dietary restrictions by begging very cutely for food in public spaces, like our weekly Walkerville Farmer’s Market and sometimes we let him get away with it. Below you can see him enjoying a bite of sushi and a lick of homemade beer!

Sushi1 Sushi2