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5We are proud to announce that Genis has now reached the halfway mark in his diet programme (give or take a few grams). Over the past five months he has shed 5.1kg of excess body weight, which means that he is still 5.3kg overweight.

Below is his official weight loss graph provided by the Klipriver Animal Clinic on Thursday, 4 December. Just to put this awesome achievement in perspective, we included an image of five 1kg tubs of margarine in his graph – this is the amount of fat, if stored in tubs, which Genis has lost.

5th graph

We are very happy to confirm that he is in good health and good cheer, and that his Human family is determined to see this programme through to the end. We also wish to acknowledge Sr. Liza-Ann at the Klipriver Animal Clinic in Meyerton, Michelle at the Darshan Animal Hydro in Drumblade and the Hill’s Pet Slimmer team for their assistance and encouragement.