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Genis22122012See my sad face in this pic? This is how I spent the past few days since Sissy and Mom upped and disappeared just after my birthday. Dad just laughed at my ‘silly face’ and refused to tell me anything. Ouboet barbecued a few lamb chops for us, yummy!, but his eyes remained glued to the telly. I was starting to feel very lonely.

Then, yesterday, oh joy!, the women in our lives came back in the afternoon, very tired and sunburned, but looking very pleased with themselves. They kissed me, mussed up my fur and immediately started running around to clean the house, do the washing, shop for food – the usual stuff that women do. Mom did not even stop to query Dad about my diet and everything I had to eat while she was not here to check up on me. Very unusual for her!

Early this morning they started making ‘arrangements’ on the phone, jumping in and out of their e-mail boxes and talking a mile a minute about … what? I don’t know; I was still completely in the dark. But I would not be excluded any longer; I may be the family dog only only, but that makes me part of the family!

Before I could take any action at all I overheard Sissy (accidentally, of course – I never eavesdrop) saying to one of her friends that we will be spending Christmas and New Year’s day very quietly as a family this year, because the next few weeks will be hectic, what with packing and moving and so on. Excuse me? First they let my birthday slip past unnoticed and uncelebrated and now they were cancelling Christmas and New Year as well?

Finally, Dad took pity on me and told me that we are moving house in a month’s time. Sissy and Mom found us a beautiful apartment overlooking the ocean at the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal. This then, was the real reason why I had to go to swimming classes! Noooooo! I’ve seen the sea and I will NOT put a paw in that big dam of water. No way my Bra!

Genis222122012I ran to tell Our Cat about all these developments and she only said Mom better be sure to take her favorite bed and feeding bowl. Then she went right back to sleep. I crawled into my favorite corner in Dad’s office, under the potted plant next to his desk, and here I will stay to think about my future and life in general.

I wish all my buddies out there a happy and festive Christmas and New Year. May 2015 be a great year for all of us!