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Star-Trek-into-Darkness-wallpaperToday is the first day of the year 2015.

I thought that last year was full of surprises, but let me tell you, it will be like nothing compared to what life is to become in 2015. This year I must be prepared to boldly go where This Dog has never gone before.

Up to now I spent my whole life in a tranquil little town on the outskirts of the big city, Johannesburg. After I was rescued and adopted nine years ago, I have lived in comfort in a big house with a big garden surrounded by high palisade fences in front and vibracete walls at the back. These were boundaries not to be crossed by a little dog on his own.

I lived in a familiar world where I knew my territory and everyone in it intimately: the local vet’s office, the canine body worker at the hydro where I went for swimming lessons, the stall owners at the farmers market, the groomers at the doggie parlour, the residents in the retirement village where my Very Old Human lived, the shop owners who did not mind my canine presence on their hygienically clean premises, the lawns on the pavements where I had my personal pooper scoopers cleaning up behind me.

We went for walks along the neighbourhood streets where I knew every dog and their humans by name. We used to chat every day through gaps in the palisades and walls, and this being a very small community, some juicy gossip about a mutual acquaintance was always floating around and discussed by everybody in the know.

All this is going to change in 2015. We are moving to a new destination at the end of this month, a place that I have never been before, to live amongst humans and dogs that I have never met. There are new boundaries to be crossed and new territories to be explored. I hope I can remain a brave little dog.

I’ve seen pictures of our new home, which is a beautiful apartment on the second floor, in a complex of similar apartments, overlooking the ocean. Yes, from now on I will be swimming in salt water! The surrounding gardens are huge with plant growth much more lush than what I am used to and I will have to get used to the sub tropical climate. I will also have to get used to the idea that the garden is now ‘common ground’ to all humans and pets living in the complex or visiting over the holiday season. No more running out the front door and playing outside unsupervised.

Instead of strutting along on the pavements and socialising with neighbourhood pets, I will now be taken for ‘walkies’ on long stretches of sand which my humans call a ‘beach’. Dad says it is a very quiet area and that in off-season periods, there will be few humans and pets to socialise with.

There are no shops, therefore no friendly shop owners that will be slipping me forbidden treats; nobody to gossip with (or about); nobody to discuss my diet with. Mom says I will have to go to a new doggie parlour, a vet I don’t know and a new dietician. I can no longer tag along for grocery shopping, as dogs are not allowed in the shopping malls of the nearby town where they will be traveling for all shopping purposes.

Worst of all, I will be leaving behind my friends and my closest family. My very Old Human has moved to a new care facility closer to Mom’s family and I am not sure that I will be allowed to come visit. Ouboet is staying behind in his own flat, because his job is here, see, and I will see him on occasional weekends only.

On the upside, Mom, Dad and Sissy will be with me all the time, as they will be working right there, in our new home. It will be nice to have them with me all the time. I also hope that my other Bro, his wife and there cute little baby will come to visit soon. Yes, yes, do you really have to ask? – Our Cat will also be there.

Oh yes, and I will still be available on my facebook page Genisondiet and twitter account @GenisOnDiet and I will be keeping you updated of my comings and goings on this blogspot. Come visit me in these meeting places as often as you wish.

To all my friends, I hope that 2015 will turn out to be a special year for each and every one of us.