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1 6 Jan

I am a listed Dog and I get ticked off at least once every day.

The rest of the time I am being ignored.

We are moving house in two weeks’ time; I think I already told you about that. Now we have these lists lying around on the dining room table, kitchen table, coffee table and any other flat surface to be found in the house. TO DO Lists. I have a TO DO list of my own and every day I am attended to according to the ‘Genis To Do List’ whereafter a tick is placed against the completed task:

  • Take for a walk in the park. Ok!
  • Take to pool for swimming lessons Yay! It sure is hot around here.
  • Drop at parlor for grooming Duh!
  • Take to diet clinic for weigh-in Eish! (African for ‘be afraid, be very afraid!’)
  • Ask vet for transfer of medical file Boring!
  • Buy extra bag of diet food “Sigh”
  • Blah-blah-blah

What I would like to know is, what has happened to:

  • Cuddle on sofa to watch a movie
  • Sneak a forbidden treat
  • Give a belly rub


No time for those Genissie Baby, we are busy, busy, busy. We are packing, throwing away, giving away to charity, arguing about what should go and what must stay, hanging onto the phone for dear life while preparing Genis’s vegetarian lunch … oh yes, you can bet your bottom dollar that nobody is too busy to remember about my diet.

So I was weighed yesterday and thank goodness, even over the festive days I managed to lose a few grams. Today I went to the parlor for a shave and shampoo and look at me now! Am I not the darnedest cutest thing you have ever seen?

2 6 Jan

It’s just that I feel a little bit lonely and neglected at the moment – I will really enjoy some company. Why don’t you come visit me right here on my blog or on my facebook page Genisondiet or twitter account @GenisOnDiet? See you there!