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LexiMy Bro that lives in Cape Town and his wife have a little baby girl who is four months old today. Mom calls her ‘Cutesicle’, cos she’s so cute, see?, but her real name is Lexi. I think she is the most beautifullest of all the beautiful babies in the whole world. Come on then, admit it!

There is something that confuses me a bit and I hope my friends can explain this to me: Sissy tells me that she is Lexi’s Aunt and that I am Lexi’s Uncle, because she belongs to my Bro, see? But I don’t understand, if Lexi is a girl, how can I be an Uncle; should I not also be an Aunt? When I asked Mom about this, she just remarked to Dad that “…the wheel is still spinning but the hamster is dead.” Dad almost choked laughing, but I don’t get it: what is so funny about a dead hamster? We don’t even have a hamster. Maybe we should get one, I would so love to play with a cuddly little furball like that.

However, I’m digressing and just now Mom will tell me again that I’m suffering from verbal diarrhea. Why does she always say that? The last time I had diarrhea, I was really sick and had to go to the vet.  Mom can be so sarky sometimes *sighs*. The good news is, I peeked on Mom’s Facebook today and saw that she posted photos of our new home and, Oh Happiness!, she says that Lexi and her whole family will be coming to visit us there when the weather turns a bit cooler. Lexi and I will get to swim in the tidal pool and play on the beach.

Lexi1In her pic you can see how small Lexi is and she cannot walk yet, but Dad says she is going to start crawling one of these days. I am SO pleased that I learned to swim, because I am bigger and stronger than Lexi, so I can watch over her and make sure that she is okay in the water. I still weigh in at 11,9kg and Lexi only weighs 7kg. Mom says she is growing so fast that soon she will bigger than me. I cannot quite believe that, but just in case … maybe I should lay off my diet for a while?

Mom says that is wishful thinking.