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4Can you believe this? I cannot! I must be dreaming, but look! Just look at the photo of This Dog on the beach!

Remember I told you that we were about to move house? Well, that is exactly what we did. We packed up all our furniture and other stuffies in our house, it was loaded into a very big truck and then Mom, Sissy, Our Cat and I got in our car. My heart was sore, because we were leaving Dad behind. We traveled a whole day and by nightfall we arrived at a place I’ve never been before. Mom and Sissy were very tired of driving all day, so we all went straight to bed, in our sleeping bags on the floor.

1Very early the next morning I wandered out the front door and what did I see? Nothing but a brick wall. Yes, a brick wall. The Sissy came and lifted me up onto the wall and this is the view that I saw from our balcony. Just look at that huge pool of water out there.

A while later our furniture arrived in the big truck and Mom and Sissy got very busy organising everything. I felt so lost and neglected; I was very unhappy. Then the most wonderful thing happened – I saw Dad and Ouboet arriving in the other car. I was beside myself with joy.

Today we spent the whole day putting up the drapes, connecting the water pipes and unpacking our things. So tonight, just before the sun went to bed, Dad decided that we should go and explore the countryside. We ended up on the Ifafa Beach at the tidal pool, where Ouboet took these beautiful photos of Sissy and me playing in the water on the beach.



But then I saw a pool, a genuine pool in which I could swim! And I ran for it as fast as I could. I didn’t even wait for Sissy and I got scolded for that, but just look at me swimming in that wonderful cool water. I didn’t want to get out, but then Dad said we must get home to make our food. Food! All of a sudden I was very hungry. Now we are sitting on our balcony and Ouboet has started the barbecue.


I’ll tell you all about our adventures here soon, but now I am too hungry to write anymore. Must be all that exercise in the ocean 😀