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Today Ouboet bought a new fishing rod and he took us along to the beach to try his hand at shad fishing in the surf. To reach the beach we have to walk downhill on a sandy road along the river bank before we reach the train tracks.


The tracks were laid along the coastline years ago and the train still passes our hillside apartment twice a day.  I’ve never heard or seen the train before, as the dense growth of trees and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore normally mutes the clatter of the iron wheels on the tracks.


Today the train passed just as we were walking round the bend. I didn’t see the it, because it was still hidden behind the trees, but I almost jumped out of my skin when the driver sounded the whistle. Sissy carried me safely across the tracks after the train passed.

After crossing the train tracks, we have to walk only a few yards along a footpath through dense bush around the furthest point of the lagoon and then the beach is right in front of us. We go there every day for our daily exercise, running in the loose sand and swimming, but today we were going fishing!


Ouboet put some bait on the line and I was scolded because I tried to eat it, almost hooking myself on the line. Not the smartest thing to do, I must admit, but the sardines looked so appetizing.


Unfortunately it was a windy afternoon and when it started raining, we had to return home without a catch. Ouboet says we will go back and try again when the weather turns.

I ❤ living so close to the beach and will be back soon to tell you a bit more of my adventures there.