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WalkervilleThe past few days have been taken up with so many new impressions, sights and activities that I hardly paid any thought to those friends, family and familiar places, previously very important in my life, which I left behind.

I just want to let everyone know that “goodbye” does not mean “forgotten”. I will be thinking of you often and I will remember the good times. So shake my paw and wish me well, as I do all of you.

Old HumanFirst of all and most important, I send my kisses and well wishes to my Very Old Human. She used to live in Huis Meyerton, a retirement facility for the aged, within walking distance from our old home. She has now moved to a place of care close to her son and daughter-in-law, who will look after her. Goodbye Granny, I will miss our visits in the lovely gardens of Huis Meyerton. Thank you also, to the wonderful staff and management of this facility, who took such good care of her for many years.

Then there are the humans who were responsible for the personal welfare of This Dog:

  • Irene and Claudia at Lady and the Tramp Pet Parlour who used to pamper me with foam baths and snazzy haircuts. Thank you for creating the “Genis-look” which I still use on all my profile photos.
  • Sr. Liza-Ann at the Klipriver Animal Clinic in Meyerton who put me on the Hills Pet Slimmer metabolic diet (*stamping my paw*) and helped me to keep my weight loss under that dreaded blue line on my official weight loss graph. I’ll be in touch Liza – I’m still enrolled on the Hills Pet Slimmer diet programme and will go for regular weigh-ins. My new, thinner body is a hit amongst the girls on the beach 😀 and my health has improved so much since I started on this programme.
  • Thank you Michelle at the Darshan Animal Hydro in Drumblade, Walkerville, for helping me get over my fear for water and teaching me to swim so well. I’ll think of you every single time that I go to the beach. Swimming is the ultimate exercise for a doggie who wants to lose weight and build strong muscles. I ❤ it!
  • Gail, I will miss you and all my friends at the Walkerville Farmers Market where I went to learn to socialise with other dogs in a pet friendly environment. Most of all, I will miss the sushi and the home brewed beer which Dad and I enjoyed so much.

PetsI also think a lot about our pet family who lived with us in our old home, some of whom have already passed on:

  • Bazil the bull mastiff, who looked so ferocious, but at heart was just a gentle giant who loved playing with the smaller house pets. Just look at him there in the picture, adoring Our Cat (then two months old) with his soft brown eyes.
  • Oliver, our Very Old Cat, who lived to the ripe old age of 18 years.
  • Tina, the Alsatian lady, my bestest playmate ever.

I really wish you could all have been here with us; you would have enjoyed this laidback lifestyle.

BirdsThen there are the myriad (supposedly) wild birds and doves that used to walk in and out of our home chirping and clamouring for food. I am really sorry that from now on you will have to stay outside, but you can still spy on the residents through the windows. Unless they close the drapes, of course 😀 Goodbye to the hadedas that woke us up in the morning and left big white slashes of poo on our patio bricks, the owls who hooted in our big peppercorn tree, the vesper bats that lived in the rafters and started flitting around after sunset looking for food, and the mice next door who kept Our Cat entertained 😀

I will NOT be missing the mosquitoes and the crickets that kept us awake at night or the ants that got into my food bowl. Sorry!

Goodbye to all the neighbourhood dogs who used to gossip with me through the palisades when we went for our daily walks and the shopkeepers who did not mind a bit when a small little doggy sat in their doorways, waiting for his Humans to finish their shopping. Goodbye also to our neighbours and friends.

Don’t forget, Our Cat and I will still meet and visit with you on social media. I am always available on my facebook page Genisondiet or twitter account @GenisOnDiet. See you there!