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MonkeyThis morning Dad and I went to put out the garbage and I saw the cutest little monkeys. Dad told me to stay in the car, as these monkeys are not very friendly, although they are very inquisitive and came right up to the car to inspect me through the window. He could have saved his breath; I was definitely not going anywhere outside that car. I just stared at them and tried to look like a very ferocious dog.

Mom tells me that I am such a wussy and if I carry on like this, I will never find any new friends here. But Dad says the monkeys may just bite if they feel threatened (by me? I’m such a friendly little doggy). He also says they carry fleas (yuck) and they are very naughty; they tried to tear open the plastic garbage bags to get to the banana and mango peels which we put in the trash. They live in the fruit trees (bananas, litchis and guavas) in the surrounding area, so why do they want to eat peels? That’s monkey business Dad says.

You can read more on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vervet_monkey.

Yesterday morning we all slept in since it was raining cats and dogs and it was a bit cold so early in the morning. The wind was actually howling around the corners of our unit. We are right at the top of the hill, so we really feel the full force of the winds. Anyway, we woke up and heard this terrible screeching noise. When we looked outside, Ouboet started laughing and said that they are shooting a serial of that movie The Dark Half. There were swallows everywhere. Ag shame man, the poor little things were wet through and looked miserably cold. They just sat there on the window ledges, looking into our kitchen and lounge, asking to be let in. Mom said over her dead body.

Monkey1Then, suddenly, we saw a hawk swooping down on the little birds. He must have thought them to be an early breakfast dished up especially for him. Mom leaned out of the window trying to shoo the predator away from where he was sitting on our telephone pole and she seemed to forget that our window is a fair distance from the ground – if she fell out of there, the birds WOULD have been streaming in over her dead body 

😀 Sissy says that is not funny at all and I shouldn’t be laughing.

Well, luckily the rain and wind subsided when the sun came up and the little birds sat around for a while drying out their feathers before they took off again. All’s well that ends well, hmmm?