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PonsiePonsie (otherwise known as Our Cat), is having a hard time adjusting to our new home and lifestyle. Ponsie and I were both adopted. She is a year older than me, but she is a lot smaller.  She was separated from her cat mommy when she was just a week old. They used to live in a storm water drain where her cat mommy had to scrounge for food.

When she first joined our family, she was fed milk from a baby bottle every two hours. Sissy and Ouboet took turns feeding her during the night. I can just imagine that they suffered from a severe lack of sleep 😛 Then, as soon as she was able to eat on her own, the little traitor moved into Mom’s bed and that is where she stayed.

Ponsie has never strayed far from home and does not trust any humans outside our immediate family circle. A mere visit to the vet brings out all her feral instincts. She hates being away from Mom and every night as soon as it gets dark, she starts calling for Mom to come to bed. She has a rather sonorous voice for such a small little fur ball and this ensures that Mom goes to bed early every night, where she reads a book or listens to music with Ponsie in attendance.

Knowing how nervous and afraid Ponsie is, Mom tried to prepare her for the move to our new home. She bought her a luxury pet tent, so big that it almost did not fit on the back seat of Mom’s small car, and she put her pink blanket in there with her food bowls and a litter box. This contraption Mom left on her own bed every day for almost a month, hoping that Ponsie would get used to sleeping, eating and doing other business in there. Alas! True to her nature, Ponsie completely ignored this palace.

Our 8-hour road trip to our new home turned into a nightmare. Ponsie screeched at the top of her voice range for two solid hours and then she crawled under the litter box. There she lay very quietly until we reached our destination. That must have been a very uncomfortable journey.

Trust3The first few days in our new home she flatly refused food and water and just stayed under Mom’s bed the whole time. Mom was at her wit’s end when, finally, Ponsie started eating and using her litter box. Then curiosity took over: this photo was taken when she finally ventured onto the balcony. She just sat there for the longest time, watching the ocean, the birds and the monkeys playing in the trees.

I also had some issues adapting, especially when I realised that I now have to go downstairs to do my doggy “business” outside. I still refuse to go alone, because of the wild life – we live next to a nature reserve and there are the strangest animals about. Not that I am scared, but still …

The most challenging issue, for me, was to swim in this big pool where the water is never still. At first I thought that the waves were attacking me! Sissy and Mom kept on encouraging me to swim solo in the tidal pool. When I finally decided to put my faith in my Humans, Mom made this video of me. You will see that I was a bit uneasy about the depth of the pool, because I could see just Mom’s head sticking out and I was swimming directly towards those angry-looking waves. It turned out well though.

I showed the video to Ponsie, not to brag (I’m NOT like that!), but hoping that she will also learn to trust that our Humans will always look after us.