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Sunday started out as a beautiful sunny day, no wind, just the perfect weather to have a quick barbecue lunch on the balcony. We have a portable bbq grill for just such occasions. So Sissy prepared steak for Dad (and me), a lamb chop for herself (and me) and fish for Mom (and me).

The moment that the fishy and meaty foodies were done, the wind came up and the clouds started rolling in, so Dad parked the grill against the wall to cool off and the family moved inside to eat in front of the telly.

What we saw next through the glass sliding doors was this (the end is hilarious):

I just can’t stop laughing at my best friend and worst enemy (therefore, frenemy), Our Cat, making a total fool of herself. She always pretends to be such a high and mighty lady and just look how uncivilized she can behave when she thinks that nobody is watching. Did you see her almost jump out of her own skin when the wind blew Dad’s cigarette butt from the ashtray? That was so cool!

I was still laughing my butt off when I heard the clap of thunder and the floodgates of heaven opened. Lucky for me, nobody saw ME jumping with the shock of it.


But this is Africa and you can expect anything, anytime and we were soon enjoying watching the water flow downhill towards the river.

More rain1

Within minutes the sun was shining again.

To all my friends who sent me “get well” wishes last week: I am feeling much better thank you. I’m not allowed to go swimming just yet and I miss the beach – otherwise, life is good 😀