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The past few weeks have been a bit hectic around here what with This Dog being a little bit under the weather and needing a lot of sympathy treats, which proved to be a weighty problem. Added to that, we had a spot of rain and wind, which meant I had to stay indoors; no exercise also added to that little weighty problem. I did not exactly GAIN weight, but I did not LOSE much either.

So yesterday we returned to the strict diet and exercise routine and I was let out for a walk. But guess what? Here’s the good news: I was allowed to run around without that dreaded dog collar and lead for the first time since we moved here. Hurray! You have no idea how much I enjoyed that.

We walked down to the beach and the lagune was full to the brim. We could actually see fish jumping out of the water and causing ripples on the surface when they splashed back. I begged to be allowed to get in there for a swim and a spot of fishing, but my puppy dawg eyes made no impression on Sissy’s resolve to guard against infections and asthma attacks.


We went for a long walk on the beach which was pretty deserted. See? mine are the only pawprints there.


Can you spot the path through the woods on the other side of the train tracks? I could, but I was taught not to cross the tracks on my own, so I waited for my humans. Sometimes they are so slow.


That was fun.