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The much-verbalised, long-drawn-out War of the Dog’s Diet, may just have been brought to an unexpected and rather abrupt end. Or not 😀

Genis at the beach reastaurant

It all started out very merrily (the event that may end the war, not the war itself) when we all visited our favourite beach restaurant. The weather was hot, the beer was cold, the pizza was delicious – trust me, I know.

On such occasions I’m allowed to sit on my Dad’s lap and join in the conversation, but once the food is served, Dad puts me down on the floor between his feet and that is where I stay until the meal is over. I never object to any of this; I’m a well-behaved dog as you all know.

Once the food was on the table and the dog on the floor, the usual admonishments and counter arguments followed in rapid succession:

“Do not, do NOT I say, feed the dog under the table!”

“I never feed the dog, not under the table or anywhere else, for that matter.”

“Then please do explain how it is possible that he is not losing any weight?”

“How must I know? YOU are in charge of the dog feeding department.”

Blah-blah. On and on it went until Sissy put a firm stop to it: “Stop it now! Everyone is watching us and listening to you squabbling. Nobody will feed this dog!” Sissy has spoken and (relative) peace and quiet descended. The family started eating while watching an impromptu show by street artists.

I just sat there … very quietly … and waited … very patiently; I know the drill. While all eyes were on the dance show, a hand with a nice cheesy piece of pizza crust crept under the table and the tasty morsel was dropped into my mouth. Just like I expected.

What I did NOT expect, was the camera that flashed in my face at that very moment.

Genis gets lucky

This image will hit the internet shortly; I know this family – secrets do not remain secret very long. I also know that the picture will be studied v.e.r.y. carefully to see whose hand that is. And then … well, we will have to wait and see, won’t we? 😀