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Far Out In Africa invited me to take part in the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. Please visit visit this blog, you will love the stunning pictures and the stories attached to them.

The rules of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge and my reasons for honouring bloggers living in and writing about Africa is explained in my Day 1 entry No legs needed to fish.

Today, I would like to let Spokie Sny Spoor know just how much I enjoy her stunning pictures of animals in the wild. It will be worth your while to visit her blog and see for yourself.

I must admit that I prefer to see wild animals, reptiles, insects (especially mosquitoes) and in fact, everything that bites, stings, and swallow their prey whole, on photos rather than meet them in person. My weird human family, however, sometimes insist on testing the limits of my bravery.

We have two crocodile farms in the vicinity and whenever we have visitors from other parts of the country, they are treated with a visit to one of these breeding grounds. Thankfully, dogs are not allowed and during a recent outing to show off the crocs, I was left in the care of a friend. However, Sissy promised to give my regards to the crocodiles. Not that I actually sent my regards, but there you are …

Crocodiles are aquatic reptiles, meaning that they actually live in water, however, they love sunning themselves on the river bank. The peeps have to stay behind the safety barrier and they are not permitted to touch or feed the crocs (with good reason, methinks). Sissy had a good look at the crocs and then decided that this one with the friendly smile would receive my regards with thanks.


Margate Holiday 20.07.2014-126 - Southbroom.Riverbend Crocodile Farm

Having gracefully received my remote greetings, the croc’s smile now stretched from ear to ear. It was indeed a very friendly specimen, she thought.


Margate Holiday 20.07.2014-127 - Southbroom.Riverbend Crocodile Farm

Emboldened by this apparent sign of success, Sissy showed the friendly croc a full page photo of her favourite doggie.

The response shocked her.


When I saw this video later, I was so embarrassed that I went off my food for at least an hour. I will NEVER be able to live this down.