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Far Out In Africa invited me to take part in the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. Please visit visit this blog, you will love the stunning pictures and the stories attached to them.

The rules of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge and my reasons for honouring bloggers living in and writing about Africa is explained in my Day 1 entry. The more I get involved in blogging, the more “Africa”-bloggers I meet and yesterday only I stumbled onto Rip’s My Blog. Those beach photos are to die for! Go have a look. This beach is just a few kilometers north from us, so guess where we will go exploring this weekend?

Before we carry on with the Day 5 story – scrapydotwo, in response to your remark on my Day 4 entry The joke is on me, this one is for you to enjoy. Take a good look at that mouth – not a good advert for toothpaste, is it? 😀

Margate Holiday 20.07.2014-125 - Southbroom.Riverbend Crocodile Farm

Yesterday, being a public holiday, was a good enough excuse for The Hand Holding The Pen not to finish the last entry for the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. So we laid back on our camping chairs, watching the scenery from our balcony


and reminisced about previous Labour Day experiences.

Last year, we were still living in the Vaal Triangle and the family spent the day in the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve (yup, you guessed right – no dogs allowed). It was at the end of a very dry summer, but even with few rains, the reserve was still amazingly beautiful.

Suikerbos 02.05.2014-55Suikerbos 02.05.2014-52

Suikerbos 02.05.2014-70

Paradise can be found anywhere; you just have to look around a bit.