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Lately we haven’t been visiting our beach as often as we used to. The whole family came down with the turn-of-the-season-flu and we had to stay indoors. This was accompanied by a spell of bad weather, howling winds, thunderstorms and a drop in temperature.

I’ve told you about our beach before – warm sunshine, tranquil ocean and lake with a stretch of golden sand in between, a soft little breeze, the lulling sound of water lapping on the beach … it’s all there. Can you feel it?

This is the normal view from our balcony:

Elysium lagune and beach1

This is what it looked like this week:

Elysium lagune and beach

The roar and the crash of the waves on the beach frightens me a bit, especially when the waves crack like a whip against the rocks.

Elysium beach

This is the tidal pool where I usually go swimming:

Mtwalume tidal pool

Scary stuff, hey?

This morning the sea is a little bit calmer and it is not so cold, so we decided to go for a walk. I was besides myself with joy, but … there’s always a BUT isn’t there? … then Mom decided that I should wear a jacket. To the beach!

I loathe wearing clothes and only submit to this kind of indignity when the nights turn really cold or rainy and I have to go outside to do my business. Now I have to wear this ensemble to the beach? Cos it’s winter says Mom. Really?! It is 17°C out there Woman! I tried to appeal to Dad, but he just smiled and said “Put on your little tartan suit, Genis”.

Then, of course, I had to “sit” for a photo shoot:

Genis wearing a tartan jacket

There will be no forgiving this. Not for a very long time.