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This past week everybody was either hanging over the balcony wall watching for dolphins or whales or trailing fishing rods down to the beach all hours of the day. I was right there where the action was. Action? What action? Fishing seems to be a rather laid back kind of sport.

Fishing on Elysium beach

VERY laid back, indeed.

Laidback fishing on Elysium beach

People are on the beach from early morning till late night. Mom has started complaining about the fishy smells in the house, which turned out to be the wet clothes in the bathroom, fishing tackle on the lounge furniture and a smelly jacket that Dad hung in the corridor closet where Mom keeps her “smart” clothes. The latter almost caused the start of WWIII.

Elysium beach early morning fishing

All this changed when Dad spotted a truck, trailing a boat, racing along on the beach. Everybody thought that the long awaited sardine shoals have arrived. I told you about the expected sardine run in my post Flipping the Bird. So we got our butts and fishing rods down to our favourite fishing spot.

Early morning fishing on Elysium beach

On the beach we found quite a few happy residents with bagfuls of shad which were netted just a while earlier. Unfortunately, no sardines yet.

The fish is in the bag

All the fun was over already and only the empty net remained, so we packed up and went shopping for fish to barbecue tonight.

Elysium beach fisherman netting the fish