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… due to bad weather.

The weather has turned cold; I mean back-breaking, bone-crushing cold. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. We still reach 16-20°C during the day, however, it has been raining on and off and the wind is forever howling around our apartment building.

When the weather lets up, we dress up in our winter beach wear (as modeled by Sissy and myself in this picture – sorry, I had a bad hair day) and we go down to the beach for a quick walk.

Winter days on Elysium beach

Winter days on Elysium beach

The sea is very angry and very mean. We usually stay on high grounds, not that This Dog is likely to get into the water – there are some scary looking waves breaking right over the wall of the tidal pool, even at low tide.

Today there was no wind and although we could see a storm brewing over the sea, the calm water in the lake mirrored the buildings on the opposite bank of the river.

Stunning, isn’t it?


Mtwalume river

We found more of the beautiful shells flushed onto the beach during the night

Shells on Elysium beach

Shells on Elysium beach

When the weather is bad, I amuse myself by watching the critters living in our back yard. I already told you about those pesky monkeys, but we also have a few wild bucks in the bush higher up on the hill and warthogs in the valley below.

This mommy lizard and her babies live in the roof of the downstairs apartment.


These storks paid us a visit yesterday. Dad says they eat insects and *gasp* small reptiles like lizards. I hope our little lizzies stay safe under that roof.