Genis and his dad

Genis and his dad

Today is National Mutt Day according to Dr Google. We are not quite sure what standard of mutty breed Genis is: there are definite signs of a fox terrier forebear in the appearance, but the long curly hair and the cutesy facial expressions indicate that there was a Maltese poodle involved in the parental relationship. There may be more branches in his family tree that we are not aware of, but this is what makes him special. His dad calls him a “pavement special” and he doesn’t seem to mind.

I hijacked Genis’s blog to tell you about the Mutt’s relationship with his Most Favourite Person in the world – his dad. Genis is not a Happy Dog when his dad is not around. When Dad goes out and leaves him behind, he will sit around and mope until he hears the click of the door lock – the sign that Dad is back home. When my daughter and I leave the house for hours or days at a time, he hardly notices.

Dad and Genis have developed their own language through the years and they understand each other perfectly. They talk all the time, or rather, Dad does the talking and Genis takes his orders from whence they come. I sometimes eavesdrop on these conversations and try to interpret them. I think I got the gist of it. It goes something like this:

“Genis, please get out of my shoes!” – meaning that the mutt is underfoot.

“Genis, I can wash my own face” – translates into “stop licking me!”.

“Genis, you had quite enough to eat and cheese is not good for dogs” – to which Genis responds by sitting back on his haunches, prettily begging until he gets a piece of cheese.

“Scold her!” – causes an immediate volley of barks directed at the human (usually me) who refuses to dish up treats or to vacate the couch so Genis can watch the telly with Dad.

“Look, they are going to the beach without you!” – going to the beach is the only activity which can convince Genis to leave his dad’s side. Unfortunately for him, once he is in the car, he may realise that he is on his way, not to the beach, but to the vet or the pet parlour. Apparently lying to a dog does nothing to swing his loyalties.

“It’s time for Genis to go down”, shouted from behind Dad’s desk sends Genis to the front door to wait for his entourage to go “potty”. He will only consent to do his business with Dad watching from the balcony and his personal pooper scoopers (my daughter and me) marching him to the edge of the lawn.

Somehow this special relationship makes all of the above appear quite natural.

From the groupies revolving around the edge of their lives: Happy Mutt’s Day Genis and his Dad, and the same to all his Mutt friends!