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This Dog is just saying – I am not one to complain – that the weather has been sort of … less pleasant in Paradise for the last few months. The video above that Herself made in mid September (a bit shaky, sorry about that) will give you an idea of what we have been putting up with. The wind is still blowing and we’ve had very few nice days, BUT we hope that the wind will push the clouds over the rest of the country where an awful drought has everyone worrying about water restrictions, failed crops, thirsty beasties and what not.

So what does one do in weather such as this? We went underground, or rather, under bridge, on a cold and windy morning and just look what treasures we found.

N2 Freeway bridge over the Mtwalume river, KZN

In the front is the coastal freeway bridge over the Mtwalume river and in the back you can also see the train bridge. Remember, Herself showed you the view from the railway bridge in her post Automattics-Worldwide-WP-5k-2015: We-went-walkabout. This picture was taken from higher up on the river bank down towards the beach.

But here’s what I wanted to show you. We saw the most stunning paintings on the supporting concrete columns under the bridge. We have no idea who was responsible for these works of art (or who those stupidoes responsible for spoiling the effect by spray painting their names over some of the paintings are).


Enjoy and have a great day.

Lovies, Genis